Jane’s family is a very big family. Her parents, Elisabeth and Tom, have five children, a son and four daughters. Jane’s favourite sister’s name is Nancy and she’s nineteen. She wants to visit different countries before university, so she is in Italy now. Nancy’s favourite occupation is music. She listens to music every day. She wants to be a singer.

Jane’s only brother is Mark. Mark’s sixteen years old and he likes sport. He plays basketball in a school team. Mark’s a very good basketball player. There is a ball under his bed and there’s a basket in the front yard. He spends all his time after school there.

Jane is the youngest of all the children in the family. She adores that. Everybody loves her and plays with her when they have time. Everybody gives her some sweets so she is very happy. She never wants to grow up, she says. When they don’t have time for her, she goes to her room and plays there with her dolls. There are many dolls on the shelves in her room. There are also other toys, but she doesn’t like them so much.

Jane’s other sisters are Julia and Silvia. They are fifteen years old and they share one room. Julia’s and Silvia’s room is always clean and tidy. There are two beds in the room and two chairs. There are also two desks in their room. Silvia’s desk is green and there’s a computer on her desk. There are also many books on her desk. She likes reading. She always reads or does something at the computer when she has free time. Silvia’s a real scientist. And Julia’s desk is pink and there aren’t any books on her desk. She doesn’t like reading. She always dances to music. She wants to be a dancer.

Elisabeth’s sister, Mary, often comes here. Mary’s husband, Ben, works in an office and he is Elisabeth’s boss. Jane likes her uncle very much. She also likes her cousin, Martin, who is Mary’s and Ben’s son. Martin is ten and he always plays with Jane.

Julia and Silvia like their aunt Lucy very much. She always buys them very beautiful birthday presents.

There are two more important people: Tom’s parents. Children adore their grandparents. Their grandfather always plays with them. He tells them interesting stories and they listen to him without blinking. Their grandmother often makes them cookies. They like their grandmother’s cookies very much. When she makes the cookies, the children always say: “We really are a big, happy family!”


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