Conversation 1

Jack: Well, we spend all our time at work because we work too much. So when the weekend comes, we’re very tired. And at weekends we stay at home, and all we do is sleep or watch television.

Miriam:The trouble is, we don’t have any social life. We never go out, we never see our friends.

Jack:So, our New Year’s decision is: we’re going to invite more friends to dinner so we are going to relax in company of our friends.

Miriam:Yes, because we don’t entertain much. And we’d like people to invite us, too. 

Conversation 2

Roberta:You see, I finished high school so I’m going to take a year off before I go to university. I’m going to travel around Europe with my boyfriend because I don’t know much about foreign countries and I would like to learn something about them and some other nationalities.  

Conversation 3

Ann:I don`t feel very fit and healthy, so I`m going to start living healthier. I always go to work by car, I sit at work, I don`t move at all, and after work I come home and watch television or chat with my friends. So I’m going to get in shape because I don’t get enough exercise. I’m going to start running when I get home in the evening.

Luca:I have the same problem. I don`t get any exercise because I don`t have time for that. Or maybe it is because I`m very lazy. I think that is the right reason. I also want to lose some weight, so I`m definitely going to join you!  

Conversation 4

Mirko:We have a big family now. We have three children so we can`t live in this house any more. We need much more space for all the stuff that kids need but we also need a place where kids can play. So our decision is that we’re going to move. We`re going to buy a house in the periphery so our children can grow in a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood.

Nina:Yes, because our house is too small for five people. And because we want to run away from all this noise that exists here in the city centre. The trouble is, we still like it here.

Mirko: Yes, it’s going to be hard to leave this house because there are many memories connected to it.

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