One of the most popular theories of belly dancing history suggest that the origin of the dance form is somewhere in the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Africa. The Egyptian tomb painting of 5000 BC provide us with evidence of dancers exhibiting belly dancing postures. Many historians believe that at that time it was performed as religious rite. In those days, women were considered as goddesses who had the power to create the mystery of life from their bodies. So people of certain tribes used to believe that conception is possible only if women perform this dance. Thus belly dancing was associated with the mystery of fertility and procreation of life.

According to another theory, it was developed as a birthing ritual and was practiced to ease off the birth pangs. With passage of time, the so called fertility dance transformed into a cultural folk art where men, women and even children used to participate in it at wedding and other celebrations for their fun and not for arousing the audience. In Saudi Arabia, belly dance is known as "Raqs sharqi" which means oriental dance. Traditionally, Saudi women used to gather after their evening meals and perform belly dance. However, there was a strict rule that they were not supposed to perform it in the presence of men.

Belly dancing is a great way to increase fitness. It is a very active and energetic style of dance, which elevates the heart rate and increases cardio vascular ability, so one of the many benefits of belly dancing is to elevate fitness level, and burn fat. It also helps to stretch the muscles, and limber the joints up so that the participant becomes more nimble and agile. This style of dance can be tailored to suit anyone’s personal abilities, so that it is not overly strenuous on the cardio vascular system, or on the stretch in the muscles.

While swaying and sashaying you don’t just move parts of your body, but the entire body. A single belly dance session works hundreds of muscles, burns calories and helps to de-stress.

Males in belly dancing are not very common however there are some males in this form of dance that are very masterful at the art. Even though they are amazing in their performance, they are sometimes not looked upon with much respect, as it was an art created by women, and was not intended for men to perform.

All these factors make belly dancing an ideal activity for anyone. It is both fun and good for physical fitness, so there is a number of positive’s and no negatives. Give it a try!


The Best Belly Dancing Outfits and Accessories

A belly dancing costume that comes with all the accessories included can be termed belly dancing wear. What you will find with belly dancing wear is the skirt, the bra and the belt. You might even find that a headpiece and jewellery is also included with your costume.

The Skirt
You can put together your own belly dancing wear. Choose a skirt that is most appropriate for your dancing. The most common choice among belly dancers is a skirt. That can be a simple skirt or a more complex tiered number with slits up the sides. The skirt can be embellished with fringe and beads. Some skirts have beautiful embroidery. Some belly dancers use harem pants instead of a skirt. Harem pants can achieve a flowing effect when the dancer is moving and performing her routine.


Belly Dancing Accessories
The hip scarf is a popular accessory among belly dancers. It is added to the skirt and follows the hip motions of the dancer. You can add sequins to your bra and skirt if you want a little flash. Arm cuffs and headpieces are other common accessories. Don’t forget to add some jewellery to your costume. The selection of the right jewellery can really set off your costume.


Belly Dancing Props
The use of veils made of silk and chiffon can be added to your dance routine as props. Belly dancers will often make use of a feather boa for an extra dramatic effect. Coins sewn onto your bra will make a nice tinkling sound as you dance and provide a shimmering look under lights.

Finger cymbals have been used in traditional belly dancing for hundreds of years. Finger cymbals, called sagat in Arabic or zills in Turkish, are placed upon the thumb and middle finger of both of the dancer’s hands.

Using a sword as a prop in belly dancing was not traditionally done by women in the Middle East. In Egypt, men performed a martial arts dance with an upraised sword, but using a sword during belly dancing comes more from western influence.





Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
tomb – grobnica
posture – držanje, stav, poza
rite – obred
procreation – rađanje, stvaranje
pang – bol
heart rate – frekvencija srca
stretch - rastezanje
slit – šlic
fringe – resa
bead – perla
embroidery – vez
harem pants – harem pantalone
accessories – modni detalji, pribor
sequin – šljokica
flash – bljesak
prop – pribor ( u pozorištu), rekvizit
chiffon – šifon
feather boa – šal od perja
headpiece – ukras za glavu
sash – ešarpa
finger cymbals – cimbala za prste
thumb – palac
sword – mač
martial arts –borilačke veštine
ease off – smanjiti, sniziti
arouse – podstaći, probuditi, razdrmati
elevate – dići, podići
limber up – razgibavati se
tier – poređati u nizu
embellish – ulepšati
set off – istaći
tinkle – zvoniti , zvečati
shimmer – svetlucati
put together – sastaviti, uklopiti
sway – njihati se
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
thus – prema tome,tako
nimble – spretan, okretan, brz
agile – žustar, agilan, vredan
strenuous – naporan
masterful – zapovednički ; vešt
flowing – graciozan



Nouns (imenice):

Verbs (glagoli): 

tomb –  grave, vault, crypt, mausoleum, sarcophagus

posture –  pose, position

rite –  ceremony, custom, ritual

procreation – reproduction

pang –  pain, ache

bead – pearl, ball

embroidery –  sewing, tapestry, needlework, needlepoint, needlecraft

flash – blaze, ray, beam

arm cuff – narukvica

ease off – reduce, ease up

arouse –  stimulate, encourage, inspire

elevate – raise, lift, heighten, uplift, lift up

limber up –  loosen up, warm up

embellish –  decorate

set off –  bring out

tinkle –  ring, clink

shimmer –  gleam, twinkle, glimmer, dance, glisten

put together – assemble, tack together, piece, set up, tack

sway – bend, lean, wave

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):

Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

thus –  therefore, so, hence, consequently, accordingly

nimble –  agile, active, lively

agile –  nimble, active, quick, lively

strenuous –  demanding, hard, tough, exhausting

masterful –skilful, skilled, expert, domineering, authoritative, bossy

flowing –  smooth





Nouns (imenice):

Verbs (glagoli): 

pang – health
flash – darkness
arm cuff – bracelet

arouse – calm, discourage
elevate – drop, fall, lower
limber up – decrease, neglect
tier –  disorder, disorganisation
embellish – decrease, uglify
sway – remain, stay

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):

Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

nimble – clumsy, slow, sluggish
agile – lazy, dull, inactive
strenuous – lethargic, weak, unenthusiastic
masterful – unskilled, unskillful, unproficient


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