Gabriela and Stefan are at the party. The hostess is Jane. There are many people in the house.

Gabriela: Hello, Jane. You have a very nice and big house! This room is lovely!
Stefan: Yes, it is. How many people are there? Are there any of our friends from the work?
Jane: Yes, there are. There are some women from your work in the kitchen.
Gabriela: Are there any men…..ha-ha-ha…?
Jane: Yes, there are. They are in the sitting room. It’s upstairs at the front of the house. There’s a view of the front garden and the town in the distance. In the room there’s a sofa and next to the sofa there is a table with food on it. The men are in that room. It’s a very nice place.
Stefan: This house is really big. Is there a garden at the front?
Jane: Yes, there is. The garden is full of flowers. It’s beautiful in summer.
Gabriella: Are there any children here?
Jane: Yes, there are. There are some kids in the bedroom. The bedroom is also very big, with some beautiful old furniture. There is one big bed in it. There are lots of toys on the bed. There is a big blue cupboard next to the door where I put my clothes. The cupboard is interesting for children because it is blue! Near the window there’s a big table with two yellow chairs. There are some plants and a telephone on the table. It is a beautiful and comfortable room but very noisy. There’s a view of the street and the city centre!
Gabriela: Oh, I am hungry. Are there any sandwiches in this room?
Jane: No, there aren’t. They are in the kitchen.
Gabriela: Ok, thanks. And, where is the bathroom?
Jane: It’s downstairs.

It's 1a.m. and Gabriela and Stefan go home. It's the end of a beautiful day.




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

party – žurka, zabava
hostess – domaćica
view – pogled
town – grad
sofa – sofa, kauč
food – hrana
place – mesto
kid – dete
toy – igračka
cupboard – orman, plakar
clothes – odeća
plant – biljka
city centre – centar grada
downstairs – prizemlje
end – kraj
upstairs – gornji sprat
furniture – nameštaj

go home – ići kući
crazy about – lud za ( nekim, nečim)
like – sviđati se


Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
many – mnogo
lovely – simpatičan, ljubak, divan
in the distance - u daljini
really – zaista
full of – pun
comfortable - udoban
also – takođe
old – star
lots of – puno, dosta
noisy – bučan
hungry – gladan
upstairs – na spratu
favourite – omiljeni
many – mnogo
small - mala
at the party – na žurci



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