How important is your appearance? Although everyone wants to be good-looking, are beautiful people always happier people? For example, it must be a problem to be a really beautiful woman, because some men may be more interested in looking at you than talking to you. They think of you as a picture rather then a person. There are also some people who think that women who are exceptionally pretty and men who are particularly handsome must be stupid. They believe that only unattractive people can be intelligent.

On the other hand, no one wants to be really ugly, and have a face that even your mother doesn’t want to look at; and no one wants to be plain either – that is to be neither attractive nor unattractive, and have a face that is easily forgotten.

Nevertheless, the word “attractive” means different thing to different people. For example, some women ‘’die’’ to have curly hair and do everything to make it look like that. Others who already have curly hair often want to make it straight. Blonds dye their hair in order to get it darker and brunets long for blond hair. At least, women don’t have to worry about going bald. That’s a man’s problem. For them, the important thing is their built. It is well known that most women prefer tall to short men, but if they’re tall, they shouldn’t be skinny. Short and fat is considered to be the worst combination, but a little bit overweight for men shouldn’t be a problem, especially if they are broad-shouldered. On the other hand, being a pretty woman considering that you are slim or even thin and that you have a narrow waist – basically to look like a model. That is the reason why women often go on diets.

Being attractive is like being rich – it can help you find happiness, but it doesn’t always make you happy. So, maybe the best thing is not to worry too much about how you look, but simply try to be an interesting person. For interesting people have interesting faces, and almost always attractive.


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