Although most of the companies take care about their business being done carefully, mistakes happen. Even if you make sure that you have checked the details of the offers and orders and that the packing has been supervised and quality control carried out expertly, there still may be an accident. Sometimes the staff is not trained enough or there is a shortage of staff or lack of supervision. These can become causes of mishandled or damaged goods. What happens then is that customers complain.

The customers complain if they receive the goods they didn’t order or if the quantity of the delivered goods is not as ordered. Problems may arise from the unsatisfactory quality of goods, that is, if the delivered goods are not according to the sample on the bases of which they were ordered. Sometimes even second-rate products are delivered.


A customer dissatisfied with the execution of his order should complain in the following way. First:

  • refer to the order/date:
    • I am writing with reference to the order…
    • We refer to the …………
  • state the general problem:
    • The above order has not been delivered yet.
    • On opening the consignment we could see that some of the goods were broken.
    • On examining the delivery we noticed that some of the goods were missing.
  • point out the exact mistake:
    • We have received 40 boxes instead of 50 that we ordered.
    • The goods were not correctly packed and the bottles have been broken.
    • state the reason you need the goods and ask the company to replace them:
    • We need these goods for the Easter sales
    • We would ask you to send us the replacements without delay.
  • state action you require to be taken:
    • If you do not send us the goods by 7 April we regret that we will be obliged to cancel the order.
    • If you do not send us the goods by 7 April we regret that we will be obliged to look for another supplier.
    • If this happens again we will be forced to cancel the order.




Dear Mr Jones,

Our order for crystal glasses
We refer to the above order which was delivered yesterday morning.
On opening, we discovered that one of the fifty boxes contained 15 and not 20 glasses.
I must ask you to send five additional glasses in accordance with our order, since we have firm orders from our customers for this number.
If we do not receive the goods by 6 April we regret that we will be obliged to cancel the order.
Yours sincerely


How to write a Complaint Letter


Virgin Atlantic Complaint Letter sent to Sir Richard Branson about food on flight




 Nouns (imenice): Verbs (glagoli):
complaint - žalba
offer - ponuda
order - nalog, narudžbina
packing - pakovanje
quality control - kontrola kvaliteta
haste - žurba
supervision - nadzor
shortage - nedostatak, manjak
staff - osoblje, radna snaga
customer - klijent, kupac, mušterija
delivery - isporuka
goods - roba
quantity - količina
buyer - kupac
sample - uzorak
product - proizvod
execution - izvršenje
reference to - pozivanje na
consignment - pošiljka
piece - komad
replacement - zamena
stock - zaliha
sales - prodaja
item - artikal, stavka
supplier - dobavljač
complain - žaliti se
carry out - izvršiti, izvesti
work out - razviti se (događaj)
occur - desiti se
mishandle - pogrešno rukovati
arise from - proisteći iz
order - naručiti
refer to - pozvati se na
mention - pomenuti
receive - primiti
examine - pregledati
point out - istaći
require - zahtevati, tražiti
state - navesti
regret - žaliti
be obliged to - biti primoran, biti u obavezi da
cancel - otkazati
 Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
 Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
supervised - nadgledan, pod nadzorom
expertly - stručno
damaged – oštećen
trained - obučen
owing to - zahvaljujući
inevitable - neizbežan
unsatisfactory - nezadovoljavajući
on the bases - na osnovu
second-rate - slabog kvaliteta, drugorazredni
dissatisfied - nezadovoljan
inferior - slabiji, lošiji
without delay - odmah, bez odlaganja
since - pošto



 Nouns (imenice): Verbs (glagoli):
offer – proposal, proposition
order - demand, request
haste – rush, rushing, hurry
supervision – superintendence, supervising, oversight
shortage - deficit, lack, deficiency
staff - personnel
customer - client, consumer
delivery – handing over, transfer, distribution, dispatch
goods – merchandise, stock, products, stuff
quantity – amount
buyer – consumer, client, user, patron, shopper, purchaser
sample – specimen, trial, model, pattern
product – goods, produce, merchandise
execution – carrying out, completion, accomplishment, realization  
consignment – shipment, delivery, goods
piece – part, component, bit, section
replacement – replacing, renewal, substitution
stock – store, supply, reserve
item -article, thing, object, piece, unit, component
supplier – distributor
carry out - accomplish 
work out - formulate, develop, accomplish, solve
occur - happen, take place
mishandle - mismanage
arise from - begin, follow, issue, result, appear, develop, emerge, occur
order – require
mention – bring up, state, point out
receive – accept, collect, obtain, acquire
examine – inspect, test, check
point out – indicate, specify
require - crave, demand, ask
state – specify, explain
regret – be or feel sorry about
be obliged to -forced, required, obligated
cancel – call off, put off, drop
 Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
 Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
supervised - monitored, observed
owing to – because of, thanks to, as a result of, on account of, by reason of
inevitable – unavoidable, inescapable
unsatisfactory – inadequate, unacceptable, disappointing, insufficient, unsuitable
second-rate -inferior, mediocre, poor, low-grade
dissatisfied – unhappy, disappointed, fed up
inferior - bad, poor



 Nouns (imenice): Verbs (glagoli):

reply - question, request

handling -mismanagement

claim - denial

investigation - ignorance

solution - problem

price reduction - increase

loss - profit

advantage - disadvantage, disapproval

expense - asset

inconvenience - convenience

value - detriment

error - accuracy, correctness, perfection

incurring - forfeit, lose, discouragement

flood - drought

oversight - achievement, success, advantage

dispatch -  delay, retention

discount - increase

exercise - ignore, relax

repudiate - accept, allow, approve

investigate - forget, ignore, neglect

remedy - damage, worsen, injure

repair - break, damage

blame - praise, compliment

restore - damage, destroy

acknowledge - deny, disagree

look into - ignore

reassure -discourage, upset

assure - discourage, distress

solve - complicate, confuse, deter, destroy, neglect

 Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
 Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

ungrounded - justified, proven

reliable - unreliable, inadequate

thoroughly - incompletely, partially

mere - indefinite, enormous, large

justified - unjustified, ungrounded

substantial - insignificant, meaningless

consequent -beginning

advisable - inadvisable, improper

sole - common, ordinary

incorrect – accurate, correct, precise

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