Music festivals are the highlight of the year for music lovers. There are few to choose from in Serbia and most of them celebrate pop-rock, folk and contemporary music. But for young people of this country the most famous is Exit Summer Festival of blues, jazz, rock and DJ music.

Every summer, thousands of people come to Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina for the biggest music festival in Serbia and Montenegro. The festival takes place in the same fortress every year in July. For a few midsummer days, Dusan Kovacevic, the festival director, transforms the fortress into a huge outdoor arena. The festival organizers make it possible for domestic and foreign visitors to be put up in camps and tents in the University Park, as well as in the youth homes and student’s homes. There are also many caravans, burger bars and toilets which arrive to take its place in the event.

New bands and old bands come from all over the world to play at the Exit Summer Noise Festival. Bands and performers that have played here include Moloko, Stereo MC’s, Henry Rollins, Tricky, Roni Size… You can wander around and choose which concerts you want to see. Apart from listening to music and dancing, you can take a walk around the beautiful fortress, visit some archeological sites, and buy souvenirs to remind you of the festival.

Unfortunately, the weather is not always good. Some years it rains and the whole area becomes the sea of mud. Bad weather can sometimes cause traffic jam, the wind blows away the tents and your shoes get stuck in the mud. But in spite of the chaos most fans still enjoy the festival. The festival-goers return year after year because of the fantastic atmosphere.

Sonja is a 19-year-old schoolgirl from Belgrade. She visited the 2003 Exit Summer Noise Festival. Her favourite band is Moloko. She likes their songs because they have some nice lyrics. Where Is The What If The What Is In Why? is her favourite song. She has all their CDs and she watches their videos on MTV. Exit is a special festival for her because it was the first time for her to hear her favourite group live.

The festival organizers raise necessary money mainly from the price of the tickets, but the local and republic governments also take part in financing the event. This can help the efforts of the organizers to make the Exit Festival a recognizable brand among the other music happenings in the world.


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