Jeremiah is a very intelligent kid. He is only 10 years old and he can do many things. He is a genius! He lives with his parents in New York. He doesn't go to school and he doesn't have any friends. He wants to be a doctor before he is sixteen!

Journalist: Hi, Jeremiah, how are you?
Jeremiah: I am fine. Thanks. And you?
Journalist: I am fine. So... You are only 10. What can you do that your friends can't?
Jeremiah: I don't have any friends but I watch TV and I can answer your question. For example... I can write novels, I can create web presentations, I can do anything you want which is connected to maths, I can do everything on a computer...
Journalist: Do you like summer, water... Can you swim?
Jeremiah: Of course I can but I can't dive. I like the ocean and deep blue sea.
Journalist: You are very young. Can you drive a car?
Jeremiah: Yes. I can. I like driving. When my sister goes to work I usually drive her.
Journalist: What do you do in your free time?
Jeremiah: I don't have it. I study with my private teachers every day, read many books...
Journalist: How many foreign languages can you speak?
Jeremiah: I can speak five foreign languages: English, of course, German, French, Italian and Spanish. I would like to learn Japanese, too.
Journalist: Can you cook Jeremiah?
Jeremiah: No, I can't. My mother cooks meals for our family. She can cook everything.
Journalist: Do you like music?
Jeremiah: Yes, I do. I like classical music, pop music, I can play three musical instruments.
Journalist: What instruments can you play?
Jeremiah: I can play the guitar, the violin and the piano but I can't sing hahaha...
Journalist: Do you like paintings?
Jeremiah: Yes, of course. My favourite painters are Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh. I can paint but I can't draw very well. My father and uncle are good painters!
Journalist: You are a very nice and interesting kid. Do you miss anything?
Jeremiah: Yes, I do. I have many teachers, many people are around me every day but I would like to play football, run with other kids, laugh, cry. I would like to have a best friend!



Nouns (imenice): Verbs (glagoli):
genius – genije
kid – dete, klinac
parent - roditelj
question – pitanje
example – primer
novel - roman
web presentation – web prezentacija
maths - matematika
summer – leto
water – voda
ocean – okean
sea – more
free time – slobodno vreme
foreign language – strani jezik
meal – obrok, jelo
piano – klavir
violin – violina
painting – slika
painter – slikar
river - reka
can – moći, znati, umeti
live - živeti
want – želeti
answer – odgovoriti
write – pisati
create – stvoriti, napraviti, kreirati
is connected  to – je povezano sa
swim – plivati
dive – roniti
study – učiti
speak – govoriti
cook – kuvati
sing – pevati
paint – slikati
draw – crtati
miss – nedostajati
run – trčati
laugh – smejati se
cry – plakati
understand – razumeti
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
intelligent – inteligentan
only – samo
deep – dubok
before - pre
which – koji, -a, -e; što
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