My name is Sandra. Last summer I decided to go on holiday with my friends. We went to Greece by train. We wanted to go by bus, but we didn’t buy tickets in time. Every bus was crowded, so we took the train. The journey was very long and tiring. It took 20 hours. But it wasn’t boring at all. We played cards, talked a lot, one of my friends, Ana, told many jokes. We didn’t sleep during the journey.

When we got to the hotel, we were very tired and we slept the whole day. That was my first day in Greece. The rest of my holiday was really exciting. We swam a lot, played volleyball on the beach with other people, and went water-skiing. We spent beautiful time there and met a lot of interesting people.

Every day the weather was nice, it was sunny and hot, but one day, when we were on the beach, the wind started to blow, and there were many clouds in the sky. It was suddenly cool, the rain started and we didn’t have any umbrellas. The storm came up and it was cold. We didn`t have anything warm, we were in swimsuits, and we ran to our hotel. We were lucky because our hotel was very near the beach.

One day we were in Athens. We took the bus from our hotel to the centre of the city. It was very interesting. We wanted to go sightseeing but we didn’t know Greek. Some of the people there spoke English and we asked everything, and they gave us some directions. They were very kind. We really enjoyed our visit to this beautiful and ancient city.

I really liked my holiday in Greece. People are very nice and the country is beautiful. I`m going there the next summer holiday too!


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