Hello, my name is Cherry and I come from Britain. I visited Yugoslavia 2 years ago. It was interesting to see one of those people habits. The most interesting thing to happen is someone’s birthday party. People enjoy having fun, drinking, laughing, eating good food. But, if you want to have a good birthday party you have to arrange everything at least two weeks before the big day. 

I was staying with some of my father’s friends while I was visiting Yugoslavia. At that time my best friend was Iva. Iva was celebrating her 18th birthday. She had many good friends and she invited everybody to come to the party. Here comes her plan. We should meet at the corner of Jug Bogdanova Street at 13.00. First I had to wait some Iva’s friends at the bus stop. I had some problems with finding some streets and because of that I was late. When I finally arrived at the bus stop Iva’s friends were waiting for me. At 12.30 we were in Knez Mihailova Street but we couldn’t find the street where we should wait for Iva. The street we were looking for was opposite the post office, next to the supermarket. But we were very clumsy and we couldn’t find it. I remembered one more detail. That street should be between a shop called “Industry” and a café on the corner. Finally, we found the street. We were 35 minutes late and Iva got really mad. On the way to Mc Donald’s we saw many shops with very good clothes. I couldn’t believe it! At the bottom of every dress or T-shirt you could see famous names such as Versace, Calvin Klein … 

I enjoyed walking. People in Yugoslavia like to go for a walk in the afternoon. It’s the same in England. In my pocket I found my mother’s picture and I felt a little bit sad in one moment… 

After fifteen minutes walk we came to MC Donald’s. At the door I could see that many people are waiting in a queue to get their food. Iva wanted to reserve the hall and to go home that very minute. We were standing behind her, waiting. Finally, she booked the hall and we left Mc. 

The party started at 20:00 on Saturday night. Many interesting people came to the party. I was talking about England and our customs. I was talking about every important event in every month. My story started with January:

 ‘’We go back to school in January, after the Christmas holidays. Sometimes it snows and we go sledging in the park. In February children have a week’s holiday for half terms. March is a boring month. The English don’t do anything special. It rains a lot and it’s very windy. In April everybody has two weeks’ holiday for Easter.  In May, at the end of the month, we have a week’s holiday for half term. The weather is warm and sunny in June. The summer holidays start in the middle of July. No school for six weeks! In August I usually go to stay with my cousin, Sophie, for two weeks. She doesn’t live in England. She lives on a farm in Scotland. I help on a farm and I really enjoy it. In September we go back to school after the summer holidays. Sophie’s birthday is in September and I send her a present. In October are my families’ birthdays. I have to buy present for my mother, father and brother Edward. Edward doesn’t like having a birthday party. He says he is too old for parties (he’s twenty – five). He goes to the cinema with his friend instead

In October we have another half term holiday. I don’t like November. It’s cold and dark and the days are very short. December is my favourite month. We have two weeks’ holidays for Christmas and I get lots of presents. We all ‘’adore’’ presents. My cousin Sophie comes to our house for Christmas with her parents and we have a good time. We have a big party at New Year.’’

 Iva’s party finished at dawn. Everybody was absolutely perfect. I was talking about my country and I enjoyed it very much. While I was talking about London I realized how much I love that city!


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