Hello, my name is Carol and this is my family. This is my husband Jim and our two children, a son Jack and a daughter Nicole. I am a teacher. I work very hard during the year, I take my children to school, I wait for them after school etc. But, in July we were on holiday in Turkey. It was absolutely fantastic! We took the plane.

It was very comfortable on the plane. People in the plane were nice but their children weren’t! They were too noisy! The music and movies in the plane were very nice. It was a very long flight but it wasn’t boring!

When we came to Turkey the weather was sunny and hot. There weren’t any clouds in the sky. The hotel was expensive. It was in the centre of the town. Many English people were there. Some friends were in that hotel before us and they were satisfied. The name of the hotel was the “Top hotel”. There were many palms around the hotel. Many famous people were in the hall waiting for something.

The food was different and it was interesting for us to try something new. English food isn’t healthy at all! Turkish food was very, very good. There were a lot of vegetables, meat, especially chicken; there were so many different, delicious salads…Absolutely fantastic!

The beach was crowded! It was half empty at about 7p.m. Then it was very nice. It was enough place to sit, talk, watch the beautiful scenery!

And if we talk about nightlife I really don’t know what to say! There were so many discos, bars, pubs…There were discos with Turkish music, rock music, house music, hip-hop…

The town where we were was full of tourists. The town was near the sea. It was very old and it had its spirit! The paradise on earth!


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