We all had good or bad job interviews. I remember my friend telling me about some horror stories. She was working in a big company and her first job was to interview candidates for an administrative assistant. They scheduled a full day of screenings, it was crowded all day. It had been raining all night and some areas of their office roof were leaking and maintenance had a couple of buckets in the hallway. Not a great first impression, but it was a quaint old office building and each applicant had to complete a battery of written tests.

One candidate was dutifully sitting outside the office, she was wearing business attire, talking politely with other applicants, my friend liked her at first glance. Few seconds after she heard a crack, a "swoosh" and then a huge splash. The ceiling tile just above the candidate had collapsed under the weight of the rain water and drenched her. Wet but unharmed, the experience clearly dampened her spirits and her prized interview suit. She stood up, calmly and immediately informed my friend that she was no longer interested in the job. She couldn't blame her, I would have probably done the same.

And the other story she told me was even scarier. It could have happened to me or you. Jane, an assistant, had been looking for a different job for several months, and after much searching she was finally offered a new position. She was overwhelmed with joy. She had celebrated before she was even hired. She, of course, accepted a new job, but few days after she'd given notice to her current employer, who wasn't bad in the whole story, her new employer called and told her they had re-evaluated their financial situation. They were rescinding their offer! Of course, she panicked, tucked her tail between her legs and went looking for her current boss to tell her she wouldn't be resigning after all. She was so embarrassed! Who wouldn't?!

She made every effort, but her boss was tied up in meetings all day. The following morning there was a staff meeting where she made reference to her upcoming departure. She got pale. Now, she was completely stuck! She had no choice but to reveal her predicament and ask for her old job back, in front of the entire office staff. She was sinking deeper and deeper. It was the worst moment in her entire career. The boss gave her two months to find a new job.

We have to be cautious while looking for a new job. It's a very subtle area. All parts have to fit together. There are so many horror stories about job interviews. I have few advice to give and hope they will help.

Never, never, never badmouth your old boss, no matter how much you disliked him or her. Some applicants spent lengths of their interview bellyaching about their former boss totally unaware of their interviewer's relation to their aforementioned boss, sometimes they even had the same last name! You have to be prepared for the unexpected!

One of the funniest or the saddest situation, I'm not sure any more, was when an applicant dozed off right in the middle of his interview! Have a good night sleep before an interview!

Please don't forget to spit out the chewing gum! An interviewee put his bubble gum in his hand, forgot about it, and then shook the hand of the woman conducting the interview. He would have been hired but... you cannot forget things like that.

My favourite job seeker was the man who was gesturing so much with his hands that he had to sit on them to stop it.

Try to avoid embarrassing moments, do your homework, study the company, ask the interviewer questions about the firm and show your desire to succeed.

Even careful preparation can't prevent all mishaps. We are all humans, but handling problems gracefully may even impress your interviewers. So, good luck.



Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):
administrative assistant – administrativni asistent
screening – proveravanje, testiranje maintenance – održavanje
bucket – kofa, kanta
applicant – podnosilac molbe
battery – grupa
attire – odelo
at first glance – na prvi pogled
crack – prasak
swoosh – svuš, zvuk koji nastaje prilikom brzog kretanja vazduha ili vode
splash – prskanje
tile – crep, pločica
collapse – srušiti se, pasti
position – mesto, zaposlenje
predicament – sumnja, smetnja,
tvrđenje, neprijatan položaj
mishap – nesreća, nezgoda
leak – curiti
drench – pokvasiti, natopiti
dampen – nakvasiti
overwhelm – zasuti, obasuti
hand/give in your notice – obavestiti šefa o davanju otkaza
re-evaluate – preispitati
rescind – ukinuti, otkazati, opozvati, poništiti
resign – dati otkaz
be stuck – biti u škripcu
badmouth – ogovarati ( na sva usta)
spend length – provesti dosta vremena
bellyache – žaliti se
doze off – zadremati
spit out – ispljunuti
conduct – sprovesti, voditi
make reference – spomenuti
Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):
quaint – staromodan, čudan
dutifully – savesno, predano,poslušno
prized – skup
tied up – zauzet
upcoming – predstojeći
pale – bled
subtle – delikatan
aforementioned – ranije spomenuti
graceful – ljubazan, prijatan
tuck tail between legs – podviti rep, preneseno značenje



Nouns (imenice):

Verbs (glagoli): 

screening –  testing

bucket –  container

applicant – candidate, job-seeker

battery - range, set, collection

attire – clothes, dress, clothing

crack –  crash                  

splash – splashing

collapse –  breakdown, falling down

position – job, place, post, employment

predicament –  dilemma

mishap –  misfortune, bad luck

leak –  drip

drench –  soak, wet, flood

dampen –  moisten, wet

overwhelm – overpower, overtake, overcome

rescind –  recall, reverse, cancel

resign –  quit, leave

be stuck –  be trapped

badmouth – drag through the mud

bellyache – complain

doze off –  fall asleep, nod off, drift off

conduct –  run, manage, handle

make reference – mention, cite, bring up

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):

Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

quaint –  old-fashioned, odd, bizzare

prized –  treasured, valued, precious

upcoming –  forthcoming, coming, approaching

pale –  dim, weak, pasty

subtle –  delicate

aforementioned –  aforesaid, previously mentioned, earlier mentioned

graceful – polite, mannerly, charming, gracious




Nouns (imenice):Verbs (glagoli):

maintenance – destruction, negligence

applicant – boss, manager

battery – individual, one

crack – silence

position – unemployment

predicament – advantage, agreement, benefit

mishap – good luck, success

drench – dehydrate, dry

dampen – dehydrate, dry

hand/give in your notice – begin, carry on

rescind –allow, approve, establish

resign – begin

badmouth – be quiet

bellyache – appreciate, be happy

doze off – awake, wake

spit out – swallow

conduct – disorder, disorganise

Adjectives and adverbs
(pridevi i prilozi):
Prepositions and conjunctions
(predlozi i veznici):

quaint – common, normal, ordinary

dutifully – unfairly

prized – disrespected, disregarded

tied up – free

upcoming – later, remote

pale – dark, colourful

subtle – unsubtle, ignorant

aforementioned – after

graceful – awkward, rough



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