It’s the year 3O65. My name is Jack and I’m 22.My friends and I are at the museum called ‘’Time travellers’. It’s opening night and people are coming to see, read and hear about extraordinary items from the 21st century. For example, we saw a so called ‘’bus’’ which was a way of public transport. We don’t use buses in this century. Today we use a kind of an aircraft without a pilot. A computer does everything instead. Some things in the museum will be a big surprise for nowadays people because language has also been changed and it will be hard to understand what a man in a museum is talking about.

It’s 19.00 hours and a lot of people who love art and culture come to see what their ancestors had left for them. Everybody went inside and the first thing they saw was a thing called ’’a bicycle’’ which ancient people used as a way of transport or when they were having picnics. People who live in 3065 have never seen anything like that but it was very interesting to see something so unusual.

The next thing they saw, were “pants” (something which you wear to cover your legs, over your underpants). That was an explanation which a man from the museum gave them. Visitors couldn’t understand anything because they wore special suits which were very comfortable and of good quality. Today everybody wears the same clothes because they are all equal. There is no difference between them. The government takes care about everybody!

Then they heard a very strange word “chemist” (someone who sells medicine in a shop). That was a really old word because you don’t need medicine today. If you don’t feel very well a robot will give you an excellent advice and a medicine too. You don’t have to buy it.

A very strange and unfamiliar word was “an elevator” (a device which carries people from one floor to another in a building). We all live in buildings but we have our aircrafts so we don’t need “elevators” at all. A man from the museum told us that ancient people who had been using elevators had had big problems with them because people often got stuck in them and you had to wait for somebody to come and let you out.

For the next few minutes they were talking about a word called “a bill” (a list of things that you have bought or eaten in a restaurant and which tells you how much to pay). First of all, we don’t use money anymore. We have got so called “credits”. Someone who wants to buy something just gives his “credit” and if he has enough credits he can buy whatever he likes. We don’t carry cash as old people did. The second thing is a restaurant. We also have nice restaurants where you can sit, eat, drink and talk to your friends.

And, a conclusion?! Many things have changed, we have become more modern, smarter but only one thing didn’t change… We adore going out just as much as old people adored it… The most beautiful thing is to go out with your family and closest friends to a very nice restaurant and talk about everything, laugh, drink, eat, relax, enjoy yourselves… Some things will never change!


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