My name is Jane. I am 14. I live in Florence, but I wasn’t born in Italy. I was born in San Francisco. My family moved to Florence five years ago when my mother and my father got a new job. I didn’t want to leave the United States of America. I liked my life there. I had lots of friends there and we played many games after school. The weather was nice and sunny every day. It was sometimes windy and rainy, but it was often dry and hot, and we played basketball and volleyball or we went to the cinema. We spent a lot of time together. I liked that very much.

When we arrived in Italy I didn’t have any friends. All my friends were on the other side of the world. When we first moved to Florence it was winter, so the weather wasn’t very nice. It was cold and cloudy, it rained a lot, and it was wet, the wind blew almost every day, and it also snowed a lot. I didn’t like snow very much. I didn’t go out and I stayed at home. I felt very lonely and I wanted to go back to America and I wanted to speak English. I cried almost every day.

Things got better when I started school. I learned Italian six months ago and it wasn’t difficult to speak. I met many kids at school and made many friends. At first, they laughed at my accent, but very soon they stopped. They liked it and I became very popular. Everyone wanted to play with me. I spent a lot of time with Italian kids. I taught them English and we spoke these two languages: Italian and English. It snowed a lot here last winter, but this time it was really interesting. I spent every day with my friends and we played in the snow the whole day. I enjoyed snow very much.

Now I like it here in Florence. Florence is a lovely city. There are many foreigners here and I can often speak English. And the people are very friendly. That is the reason why I don’t miss America today.


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