It was a normal day in Tumberville, Kansas. The kids were at school. People were shopping, children were playing. Then at 12.30 that afternoon, a huge tornado hit this peaceful town. Luckily for everyone, young Wily Stewart saw the tornado first and warned the people. He told us what happened that afternoon.

Willy:   Well, I was going to the dentist. I had a toothache so I wasn`t at school at the time. While I was crossing the street, I saw something in the distance. It was like a big black snake and I knew it was coming straight towards the town. We have a lot of twisters here so I knew what it was. I shouted ``Twister! Twister!`` and ran down the street shouting it again and again. I saw people running out of their homes. They grabbed their children, pets and things and ran back into the houses. As I was running past the police station, Sergeant Jackson called me to get in. I looked behind me and the twister was already coming down Main Street, so I ran into the police station and shut the door. A few seconds later the tornado went past. It threw the police car around like a toy. It was really frightening. Then suddenly the noise stopped and everything was quiet again. I was happy that nobody got hurt even though I didn`t get rid of my toothache.


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